égotique is a 21st century brand of fashion couture jewelry with a strong sense of identity.

Based in Tuscany, Italy, the brand involves a group of young people with fashion background to promote a full Made in Italy production declined in colors and effects always notable.

Geometrical effect, constant research on materials and high fashion quality are leading our work, for contemporary girls or women that can select and affirm taste and personality.

Our Story


Based in Tuscany, Italy égotique starts as an experiment from the idea of two girls, as the possibility to combine taste and technical skills working on metal and different materials. First pieces are realized, sold, changed, redefined for small groups of friends and passionate people.


égotique’s first collection, “Grado”, take place. First fashion magazines evaluate the brand as contemporary, stylish accessories.


“In Linea”, the second collection, is presented, including changes of colors, capsule, small dedicated items for clothes.


“In Riga” is presented as the third collection: new materials, effects and textures are realized. First trials of furniture and new developments for a “full looking” style are at work.


The project involves from now on four members, all young people with different fashion background. The company starts receiving international feedback.